Friday, February 29, 2008

Shinsha Project: 1/1

Out pops the cracker, smacks you in the head,
Knives you in the neck, kicks you in the teeth.
Steel toe caps takes all your credit cards -
Get up get the gunge.

- Thom Yorke, "Wolf at the Door"

Quip. Snark. Non sequitur.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Verbal cellulite and a giant sex wall.

So to keep myself from fashioning my One Card into a razor blade and putting an end to the gout-induced boredom of my one o'clock - I've decided to blog. Currently, I'm sititng next to the better half of W.A.M. - AIM-musing at how the word "bitch" in all caps makes it that much more aggressive. bitch. BITCH. See?

Hm... listy list:
- I got a new haircut. Camel got it first. Actually, Ginger got it first and then gave it to Camel. He's shaping us all in his image. There's a joke somewhere about not following Fidel's example and keeping his Body Nazi regime, but I'm not feeling witty.
- There is plenty of Love in my desk drawers.
- Entourage is close to perfection.*
- Josh Weinstein is a lightweight pen-stealing fuckface.
- Democracy Now? Democracy later, I have to pee.

*It would be perfection is Sinbad had a cameo.